Snow Storms in July

Sounds like the next album from an up and coming indie band, but no, it’s called Colorado, it’s called today and it happened while making the ascent to Mount Belford.

I’m on vacation in southern Colorado hiking with my good friend Eric Jensen.  Yes, you can tease me for being on my computer, or you can go rob my house, either one is acceptable (please don’t take the cat or let her out). 

That being said, nothing quite makes my day like waking up at 3am, hitting the trail at 4:30am and then having near white-out conditions at 7:30am while you are at 14,000 feet. 

In a future post, I’ll share some pictures of "beautiful" Mount Bedford and of Mount Yale, which we bagged yesterday under great conditions. 

For those of you familiar with Mt. Belford, you’ll want to know if Mount Oxford was part of the day.  Uh, no.  Just happy to get safely back to the car.  Not today. 

  • nice. i got stuck in a white-out snowstorm on belford a few winters ago – not fun! glad you made it back safely my friend. get those pictures up!

  • Amy suggested to me that there are these things called "weather forecasts." They are apparently relatively easy to check now that we have The Internets. Of course, the one for Homer, Alaska says "rain for the next month" which is causing us to reconsider our current location.

  • Yes, these Internets and “weather forecasts” are not so accurate for the summits of mountains.  Go figure.  Hope the weather turns around in Homer.