The Police (Red) Rocks!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending The Police concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater last night.  Elvis Costello opened.

Let’s just get this out of the way:  the show rocked.  Incredible.  This was easily a top five show of all time for me. 

Elvis brought his whole band with him.  I’ve never seen him with a band, as the two times I saw him before were solo acoustic affairs.  Elvis really played hard and his band was very tight.  The highlight was Alison where Sting came out and sang backup.  It was a grittier version of the classic than I had heard in the past.  Well done, Elvis.  If Elvis had been the headliner, it would have been a great show. 

As for The Police, what a difference a few months make.  Ryan and I had seen them play at the Pepsi Center last year at the beginning of their tour.  Their energy level was high, but they definitely had some moments where they all looked at each other in mild panic as a few missed chords passed by.  That being said, it was still great to see them, as it was a dream come true for me.

This time Sting, Andy and Stewart came to show that they were still one of the best bands in the world.  Mission Accomplished.  Sting sounds as good as ever and I think his bass playing is better than ever.  Andy shredded solos in a manner that I wasn’t sure that he could even do.  Stewart punished his drums all night with wicked snaps from his wrist and still had his trademark hi-hat stylings that only he can do. 

The band was incredibly tight this time with no semblance of missed chords or uncertainty.  So Lonely and Next to You were standout songs along with Driven to Tears.  That being said, their entire catalog still holds as great compositions today. 

This was The Police, 20 years removed and still in their prime.  Somewhat unbelievable.  I’m a happy guy today.

  • Last night's show was pretty bad. It had its moments though, and the Police were entertaining. Suffice that almost any show at Red Rocks is going to be at least enjoyable.

  • Let me know how you like the show. Enjoy!

  • Agreed. They really took the tracks and revised them all for live application and really shined.

  • Jake Chapman

    I just saw them last week at Shoreline. I've always loved their music but never got to see them live. Truly great. It is a rare group that is as good or even better live than on a studio track. My personal favorite was King of Pain but there really was too much good music to have a favorite.

  • Yay! I am going tonight.

  • Susan Kalowski

    Hey Jason. I was thrilled to read your review of the Police. I saw them last year at Fenway Park and am going to see them again with my 18 year old daughter (that is hard to believe for sure) next week. I am so excited to see them again with Elvis C. Thanks for the great review. Regards. Sue Kalowski

  • Susan Kalowski

    Hello Jason. The police at the Comcast center were totally incredible – much better than last year at the Fenway. I had 5th row seats and when Sting came to the front of the stage after they came out and sang Message in a Bottle, he was shaking fans hands and I ran up to him and he shook my right hand – I have still not come down to earth!! I may never wash that hand again – lol. Elvis C was fantastic as well.