A Little Trippin’ On A Road Trip

I was up in Healdsburg, California this weekend for my good friend, Jason Doren’s wedding.  I rented a car from Hertz (who don’t try harder) and was presented a lovely 2008 Toyota Rav4

On the dashboard was a button that I was most intrigued by:

photo (3)

It was all I could to not to touch it, but after tweeting about my dilemma, I received several quick responses that I should push the button immediately. Should I be worried that my partners Ryan and Seth were the quickest to approve?  

So, I pushed the button and was disappointed when only a little red light showed up on my dashboard.  I was expecting at least a little Iron Butterfly.  I assumed that "nothing happened."

Then, while walking around town, I found a soap named after a heavy metal band (Black Sabbath, if too small to see):

photo (5)

And then some wonderful dinnerware:

photo (4)

And now I’m beginning to think that I need to own a Toyota Rav4.  I am not alone.  Others have experienced similar experiences

(As an aside, for those of you considering a trip to wine country, after this trip, I can highly recommend the Hotel Healdsburg for lodging, Barn Diva and HBG for food and Rochioli and Porter Creek for both wine tasting and wine purchasing).

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