Easy As Pie?

Fed up with your home network environment? Can’t figure out why your wireless printer decided not to work today? Maybe you are just tired of being tech support for your parents? This should be easy as pie. But today it’s not…

Tomorrow it will be. At our Foundry Group blog, we announced today our investment in Pie Digital, a San Francisco-based company that has developed an affordable software platform, desktop device and service that, together, dramatically simplify the installation, maintenance and expansion of home computing equipment and networks. Pie makes it easy for consumers to connect and maintain their computers and the multitude of other digital devices in their home, enabling them to access and share documents, music and video files without worrying about the complexities of technology support. Simply put, Pie has created an “IT department in a box” for the average consumer.

Sounds too good to be true? I’d love to tell you more, but the company has made me promise to keep my mouth shut a little bit longer. I’ll blog more it when I can. For now, I’m really happy to join the board and do what I can to help them make all of our digital lives friendlier.

  • Coffinberry

    The irony is that pie is not that easy to make. I have spent years perfecting a decent shortening and flour crust. I don't think I would assume that anything out of a box should be as easy as pie. Lame name for a company. They need a better one.