Lawyers Having Fun While the World Craters

Alright, it is a bit melodramatic, but this is funny stuff.  My friend Sarah Reed of Lowenstein Sandler PC. has a sardonic sense of humor and guest posted on Brad’s blog about the ABC’s of everything falling apart.  Sick, but very, very funny.  Two of my favorites are letters N and P.  Here’s a teaser:

N is for No: brace yourself for that response if you are looking for money – from LPs, from VCs, from customers, from venture debt lenders. Start thinking of creative ways of explaining why are different (cloud computing, on-demand services, disciplined deployment of capital, blah blah blah).

P is for Peace with Honor: it’s what you get when you sell the company for just enough so that all creditors are paid and the VCs get back some fraction of their money. Declare victory, go home.

  • Good point. Very good point.

  • Christian Rishel

    You know we're in trouble if the lawyers feel comfortable emerging from the shadows with their gallows humor. Usually you save this sort of thing for telling in hushed tones in bars across the street from the courthouse. Bring out yer dead, indeed!