Good Presentation on Fiduciary Duties

Today, I was on a panel at Moye White’s gorgeous offices in Denver where we spoke about fiduciary duties of serving on a board of directors.

John Kellogg gave one of the clearest and concise presentations on fiduciary duties that I’ve seen on the subject.  I’d encourage anyone interested in the subject to take a look.

  • Michael Grant

    Was hoping to download the presentation but your site says it's not available. Can you help?


    • Good catch. We recently upgraded our infrastructure and this broke. Should be back up on Monday.

      Jason Mendelson

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      – please forgive iTypos.

  • Michael Grant


    Still a no go on the presentation being accessible.


    • I’ve been told that it’s all fixed now.  Looks good to me, too.

      • Michael Grant

        Still doesn't work for me either.

  • Krishna


    Link still does not work…..


  • Okay, this time it works.  Sorry. 

  • It’s back.  Sorry.  We finally got it right this time.