Can’t Anyone Pay Their Damn Taxes?

Especially those whose paychecks come from our tax dollars?  The ones who are spending our tax dollars?


It wasn’t enough that our Treasury Secretary and our potential Health and Human Services head didn’t pay their taxes, but today, Obama’s candidate for the newly created “Chief Performance Office” clearly didn’t perform and pay her taxes.

Yeah, I know some of these are issues are small dollar and some are foot faults, but as a guy who takes his tax paying seriously, it certainly irks me that those imposing these taxes on us can’t / won’t get is right.

I wonder what percentage of politicians are in tax compliance?  I fear many less that I would have hoped.

*** Just broke after I posted this that Daschle is out as well.  Another one undone by non-payment of taxes.  Embarassing.  ***

  • I'm with you – how about this – in order to run for or be appointed public office you MUST submit to an IRS Audit that covers that last 10 years of your tax returns (or however far back they can legally go). Maybe Obama should recover all the missing budget money by just auditing everyone who makes more than $100,000 family income. It makes me mad when I pay all the taxes and I hear about others who just don't bother.

  • The right thing to do:

    White House: Daschle chose to withdraw

    The former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle withdraw his nomination for health secretary Tuesday, after revelations of delinquent tax payments, AP reported. Nancy Killefer withdrew her candidacy to be the first chief performance officer for the federal government, also because of tax problems

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