Sam Zell At CU

In the continuing Entrepreneurs Unplugged series, next week Sam Zell will be visiting the university.

April 22nd, at noon in the large (Boulder NewTech Meetup) courtroom at the law school.  More info here.  It is free, but you must register, so keep that in mind.

Sam is always an interesting interviewee and speaker and even more so this year with his recent sale of Equity Office Property and sell of the Chicago Cubs.

  • I work for Tribune. Samm has been so hush hush about, well everything in the past 6 months. I'd love to hear more about bankruptcy, sale of the cubs, his thoughts on the economy. My guess is they would not be positive.

  • My guess is they would not be positive.

  • I think only time will decide whether both of your guesses are positive or not.

  • I would like to meet Sam Zell in person. Seems very interesting.