Best Mexican Food in Colorado???

I love Mexican food.  Having lived in both Texas and California, I’ve gotten to sample some of this country’s finest. 

(As an aside my three favorites of all time are La Fiesta in Mountain View, CA, Sanchos in Redwood City, CA and Mia’s in Dallas, TX).

Having now lived in Colorado for three years, I’m still searching for that one special place that I salivate thinking about.  I tried all the offerings that I can find in and around Boulder and some in Denver and have found good to very good, but not excellent. 

I found a restaurant recently just under excellent classification and the best so far in the state.  Unfortunately, it’s about a 3.5 hour drive from my house.

Drum roll please…..

Los Girasoles Family Mexican Restaurant in Poncha Springs Colorado.

It’s near Salida and 15 minutes from Buena Vista and it’s all good.  Great salsa, well flavored meats and creative use of spices and cheeses.  Best of all it’s attached to a truck stop.  (Don’t try to wash your hands in the bathroom – bad idea).

But the food did rock and I’m going to have to find a way to get back there during my annual hiking trip in the mountains. 

If you know of somewhere that I’m missing, clue me in.

  • Stepan

    Taco del rays on valmont and 30th is best tacos in town, have you been there?

  • Lance Weber

    Las Palmeras on Main St here in Longmont has carnitas Fridays-Saturdays that are killer. I'm also a fan of their molcajete, which I think is spanish for "sizzling lava stone bowl full of grilled meats". Lots of traditional mexican fare in addition to the traditional mex-american and it's pretty much our "go-to" for comfort mexican food.

  • Paul Greenland

    Tia Juana on Duane Ave behind AMD is the best Mexican food in the South Bay IMHO. All fresh cooked, great specials, charming wait-staff try it.

  • Summary:
    low-brow lunch: Los Carboncitos on Pecos in Denver (Tacos al Pastor)
    family dinner: Hacienda Real in Frisco
    fancy-pantsy: La Sandia in Northfield

    My wife is Mexican and has extremely (unreasonably!) high standards for Mexican food. These three are great.
    Carboncitos has the real 'al pastor' – the kind that gets cut off the rotating skewer with a small pineapple on top.
    Hacienda Real has enormous plates, great flavors and all the variety. Too bad they're all the way up in Frisco, and right next to WalMart to boot!
    Sandia is a bit snooty – but if you're in the mood for spiffed-up plates, alli esta.


  • Forgot to echo the endorsement of La Fiesta in Mtn View – I miss having that place just a hop/skip away.

  • Dude. We'll take you. Name the night.

    • I’ll accept, although I’ve already been there.  Very good, but still missing something.

  • Carried Interest

    Go to Santiago's on the hill in Boulder, in betweeen K's China and Cosmo's pizza for take out and delicious green chile and breakfast burrito's until 11am. Don't order extra hot unless you can really handle some serious spice. Santiago's has grown quite a bit and can now be found in other front range locations.

    Drive to Brighton, CO (not too far, near Lafayette) and go to La Placita for excellent mexican and a great family atmosphere. La Placita has been the go to spot for excellent Mexican food since I was a little kid.

    Man, I miss Colorado…especially Boulder!

  • Thanks much!!

  • Oakley

    Illegal Pete's in Denver was the best burrito around when I lived out there, but who knows how the landscape has changed.

  • Taco de Mexico on 6th and Sante Fe in Denver. Best no-frills mexican around. Still havent found a better CRB anywhere.

  • Rosy4u

    I found the best Mexican Restaurant ever. This place has been there since 1977 and didn't ever know. The owner is 76 years old and is still the only one to make his orignal green chile. WOW. They have home made sopapillas. They make your food however you want without questions. I know cause Im picky. This food is amazing and taste like it smells. NOW im hungry.
    Bonillas mexican Restaurant on 67th Federal in Denver.

  • I heardly get maxican in my City. I will have to travel across the city to it's other side to have Mexican food. I do have it atleast once a month. Real Yummy..!

  • I have ever try Taco Bell. I don't like it.

  • Kindie Teacher

    We drive all the way to Manitou Springs to The Loop for their delicious shredded beef tacos. The best in Colorado! It's worth the drive down.

  • Heather

    I miss having amazing mexican food at every turn in and around LA, I now live in Colorado Springs and really like El Tesoro on the west/downtown area of CO Springs. More Sante Fe style, but very good, and always willing to make something off menu.

  • Laurie

    Have you found anything good in the Boulder/Denver area? I grew up in LA/San Diego and am so disappointed everywhere I go around here….

    • Anonymous

      Best I have found is Effrains. Couple of area locations. rnrn———————-rnJason Mendelson

  • Joe Holman

    Nice site.

    You mentioned a restaurant in Dallas. Haven’t tried it, but it’s San Antonio, Texas that has by far the best Mexican food anywhere. I’ve heard Colorado’s is great, too, but if you want to talk Texas-style Mexican then you can’t mention Dallas, which sucks with its franchised chains and Salvadorian-style holes-in-the-walls. It’s no match for SA where you can get 3 breakfast tacos for $2 and some change at 5 or 6 am and across every street there’s a taquiera. I was born and raised there, moved away to Irving and parts of north and central Texas, and have now developed an appreciation for SA and see why people from everywhere understand it to have the best Mexican food anywhere. I would love to get out to LA, but Colorado I am heading to soon with family. I’ll now have some ideas about how to proceed.