So Funky – Sesame Street

My friend Geoffrey Manne pointed out that Sesame Street is the funkiest kids show of all time.

This is simply awesome.  I feel sorry for kids today – they have nothing like this.  Stevie Freakin’ Wonder!  Instead, they get the Wiggles and Hannah Montana.

Thank God I grew up in the 70’s and was privy to such wonderful grooves. 

  • JobSiteVisitor

    So Funky… In the book The Tipping Point they talk about the first days of Sesame Street. Apparently developers received all kinds of scientific data telling them not to mix fantasy and reality. They filmed 5 episodes and showed them to some kids in Philly to get their feedback. The funky fantasy was a hit but they lost their attention during the reality skits, long-story-short, in a mad scramble they reshot the pilot episodes mixed the reality with the fantasy and created the funkiest kids show… Nice work!