Vendor Client Relationships

I spend plenty of time poking fun at service professionals on my blog, so it’s time to poke fun at myself – the client.

My friend Eric Jensen sent this video to me today.  Imagine if you attempted to treat everyone the same way that you treat your service professionals and vendors.  It’s hilarious.

  • if the economy were to hit a serious depression this may just happen! lol

  • Oh my god! Our firm does medical and legal consulting. This is brilliant and rings so true.

  • Dave

    Funny clip…the clip would be even more comical if it included the beginning part of ordering legal services. Client: "How much will it cost". Firm "I don't really know, it will depend some on you but mainly on how much work we do and on how many cycles we decide to take to negotiate your deal." Client: "OK, so if you are the key dependency can't you quote a price". " Law firm: "No, but I can maybe give you a non-binding range of $X to $2X." Then when the bill comes, it is often accompanied by "Oh, that took much longer than we thought so the bill is higher."

  • This is great. I used this in a post but couldn't find a trackback. Thx for sharing.

  • i love this clip. everyone i send it to loves it as well.
    as in all humor… it is the reality part of it that makes it so funny.
    all the best,

  • Haha this is a very funny video indeed. Nice find. Had a great laugh 🙂