Are You a Great Lawyer and Do You Need a Job?

Are you a lawyer who doesn’t want to work at a law firm anymore but who still wants to work on really interesting transactions?  Shareholder Representative Services (SRS) is looking to hire someone to work as a stockholder representative on its transactions. 

They’re getting a lot of new deals and need another person to help manage the workflow. The job is perfect for someone with big law firm experience who likes the cerebral challenge that comes with M&A but is looking for something outside of the law firm environment. 

SRS works with the top VCs and attorneys on some of the highest profile private M&A deals in the country, so you’d be networking with the best in the business.  Specifically, they need someone who can review and negotiate the transaction documents, negotiate the terms of their engagement, and manage any issues that may arise after closing. 

Ideally, the person would work in Colorado, but San Francisco is an option too.  Minimum of 4 years of big law firm experience required, preferably with at least some M&A experience. 

If interested, send a resume to Paul Koenig at [email protected].

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