Gratuitous Chocolate (a.k.a “Seth Ellis Chocolatier Rocks”)

Yesterday, I held office hours at the bunker and was fortunate to meet several new entrepreneurs and re-connect with some old acquaintances. 

The best part of the afternoon, however, was a visit by Rick Levine, co-founder and chocolatier of Seth Ellis Chocolates.  Rick decided to drop by and bring some chocolates for me to try.  The first was obvious on sight – a peanut butter cup style chocolate treat.  I took a bite and said “this is the best peanut butter cup that I’ve ever had.”

There was just one thing:  there are no peanuts, nor peanut butter in the best peanut butter cup that I’ve ever had.  Rick’s cracked the code.  A gluten-free, nut free, organic and compostable packaged cup treat that blows away anything that I’ve ever had. 

He had both milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties, too.   Yum yum.  Rick, GREAT job.  Go out to your local grocer and pick yourselves up some.  And for those of you with nut allergies, rejoice in being able to enjoy one of life’s great treats:  chocolate and "peanut” butter. 

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