Beer, Beer and More Beer

I’m a big beer fan.  That being said, my palette has become more attuned to wine than my favorite barley friends. 

I’ve decided to try to evolve my taste buds and in concert start blogging on some of my best finds.  I also want an excuse to drink more beer.

I’m going to first focus on Belgian (and Belgian-styled) beers, as they’ve always spoken to me in a special way.  In fact, my partner Ryan McIntyre and I went on a beer tasting trip to Belgium last year. 

I’m also going to rate them on a 10 point scale. 

First up: Signature Ale – De Proef Brewery – collaboration with Tomme Arthur 2008


De Proef makes great beers.  I don’t know Tomme Arthur, but this Signature Ale is a collaboration between the two brewers and it is a great result.  The 2009 version is a collaboration with Bell’s Brewing.  (I haven’t had this one yet).

My take?

A citrusy nose with a sour patch candy front end.  This is a complicated and funky Belgian beer and might not be appropriate for classic American light beer drinkers, but it smacks of craftsmanship and thought.  There is a lot of richness and activity on the palette when on your tongue.  There will definitely be another sample in my near future, as I was fairly awed by the variety of flavors.

Mendelson Rating: 8.5/10

Happy drinking. 

  • Rachel

    Come to BJ's! I could use some company! We actually have some good bottled Belgians.

  • Can I come with pen and paper?

  • Rachel

    of course, but you have to bring someone named Jacqueline too.

  • Can't wait to see your tasting notes on:

    Verboden Vrucht

    Leffe Blonde

  • Can't wait to see your tasting notes on:

    Verboden Vrucht

    Leffe Blonde

  • Leffe is a great beer.  Have some in my fridge right now.

    Thanks for the clue on Verboden Vrucht

  • Brian Tuttle

    Tried Double or Triple Grimbergen (sp?) ? Had some years ago, the double was delicous and the Triple tasted like champagne, you really wouldn't want more than one, had a heck of a kick ! 12% Alc or more… woo hoo !

    • Nice. Send me a link?

      Jason Mendelson

      Sent from my iPhone
      – please forgive iTypos.

  • Jon Galt

    "I went on a beer tasting trip to Belgian last year"

    The country is called Belgium, not Belgian.

  • I'm from Upstate NY and there's a great brewery in Cooperstown called Brewery Ommegang. I'm fairly certain I was able to get some of their beers when I was out in Denver this past summer. I'm a big fan of the Three Philosophers, and I believe the Hennepin's quite good too.

  • Dave Davis

    J – try Maredsous 8. Might be my favorite beer of all time. I get it whenever I go to Father's Office in LA. (Next time you are in LA, let's pay them a visit.)

  • On the list!

  • All I can say is that I can gallop 4 Bottles of Beer at a time. Seriously not more than that. But I love Beer. It makes us forget all our stress within minutes.

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