How Does One Get a Bathroom Break During Avatar?

I mentioned to some friends today that I’m going to see Avatar this weekend, but was worried if I could make it through the show without taking a bathroom break.

No worry, they said, just get the iPhone app RunPee.  Here’s how it works: you’re watching a movie and need to take a break, but you don’t want to miss anything important. The RunPee iPhone app has a timer letting you know when it’s safe to take a break, and gives you a summary of what you missed upon your return.

Brilliance.  They also have a web version.  I now know that I can break at 56 minutes into the movie or I have to wait until 1:57, 2:13 or 2:25.

I’m all set now.  I love technology. 

  • Heath

    Hilarious. I had that issue, alas without the benefit of an iPhone. I had great seats for the film, but terrible ones to "get out". Needless to say it was packed, and felt like a royal ass leaving and then trying to get back in. Another reason to get an iPhone…

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