Maredsous Trippel Beer Review


When I started reviewing beers, I had two evil plans that lurked beneath the idea.

1. I wanted folks to send me ideas of what to drink next; and

2. I wanted really nice folks to send me free beer.

Mission accomplished.  (But that doesn’t mean quit sending me things.)

Today, I review this wonderful beer suggested to me to drink by Dave Davis, who was to cheap to send me a bottle, but we’ll forgive him this time. 

Maredsous Trippel. This is a wonderful trippel that is unique with a nice critus bite on the front and classic trippel finisn on the back end. Named after a Benedictine Monastery and currently produced by the Duvel brewery, it’s a very nice example of a tripel, albeit stronger and more pungent than the classic Westmalle variety.

Given that this beer comes in a large format wrapped in nice paper, this is also a great beer to take along to an event.  Interestingly enough, I’ve only been able to find this beer at my local Harvest Wine and Spirits and not even on Internet, where you see the more standard Maredsous 6, 8 and 10 offerings. 

Thanks Dave! 

Mendelson Rating: 8/10

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