Saison Dupont Brasserie Beer Review


This is a very accessible beer even to those who think that Stella Artois represents great Belgian beer making.  (This is a nice way of saying even if you drink Coors light, this beer is drinkable for you). 

There is a lot of fruit here, in fact, I found myself sampling the nose as long as I would a more complicated pinot. As I previously mentioned, I’m new to this review thing, so bare with me with I attempt to tell you the nose was all orange and lemon, but pure smoothness was the taste. It is perfectly balanced.  The most unique thing about this beer is the incredibly long aftertaste.  And it’s a really pleasant experience.  Usually, I’m not into the long aftertaste, but in this case, I’m pleased to be part of the ride. 

I would say this is a perfect beer to introduce you Bud-drinking football buddies to, if you are trying to upgrade their taste.

Mendelson Rating: 8.5/10

  • Anonymous
  • Justin Wyman

    Thanks for the review – actually was looking for a belgian the other day. Need something to tide me over until stout month at sum.

    I'm assuming this can be picked up @ liqourmart?

  • I bought at Harvest Liquors next to Safeway at 30th and Arapahoe.  Don’t know about Liquormart.

  • Great article, thanks for sharing. I love her new project oom, I even signed up for the free new song a couple of weeks ago. I would agree that Matt and Melissa would make SP that much more awesome for me, but I know it is unlikely to ever happen.

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