Them Crooked Vultures

No, this isn’t another lawyer blog, rather it’s a long time coming music review.  I’m totally digging Them Crooked Vultures.  Their debut and self-titled album is excellent.

The band is fronted vocally and guitar-wise by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age Fame and backed up by Dave Grohl on drums and John Paul Jones on bass.  How I wasn’t all over this group when their album first came out goes to show three things:

1. I’m getting old;

2. Music discovery is difficult despite my love of Pandora; and

3. I’m not listening to a lot of harder rock these days (see point 1, above).

But, wow these guys rock.  It’s totally original with great melodies, addictive riffs and powerful vocals with influences from all the bands these guys have played in.  Furthermore, there seem to be additional influences from bands like Alice in Chains, Living Colour, Lenny Kravitz, Cream, Stevie Wonder (yes, they have some great clav parts) and I swear that I heard some Electric Six lines, too. 

I’ve always begrudgingly liked Dave Grohl.  I thought his Nirvana drumming was a little sloppy for my tastes, but respected what he did in Foo Fighters.  After all it is a fact that all of us drummers are wanna-be singers, so that was cool.

I’m even more impressed with this album.  Grohl leaves the lead singing to the “pro” and does by far his best drumming work, ever.  He’s totally legit. 

Bottom line, I’m stoked.  I just wish that I had found the album sooner and didn’t just by chance heard about it from a friend. 

  • Scott Godes

    The CD is really, really good. I love the first three songs. New Fang probably is my favorite.

  • Yes! Awesome album. Elephant is my favorite song for just plain rocking out with Scumbag Blues my second favorite for being the grooviest.

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