Application for a Night out with the Boys

It’s Friday and y’all know that you are itching for a little bit of time away from your significant other.  Sure, you care for them dearly, but every once in a while it’s great to get out with your friends and let loose.

In my efforts to improve the efficiency of our legal system and to aid in domestic harmony, I present to you the following:

  1. An application  for a night out with the boys (away from wife, fiancée, girlfriend); and
  2. An application for a night out with the girls (away from husband, fiancée, boyfriend).

Both forms are below and downloadable for your convenience.  Enjoy.

Husband’s Night Out

Wife’s Night Out

  • Eric Koester

    That's awesome. This is why you had to leave the practice of law… well played.

  • Well, that and Eric Jensen fired me.  (Just kidding)

  • Barbara Nelson

    I think you've been watching too much Mad Men! Hey, I respect your work, I'm told you're a great guy and don't want to be snarky, but can't help providing an outsider's perspective. I'm a coach, it's my job. I can't be the only woman who finds this archaic at best and offensive at worst. I don't consider myself a feminist, never needed to be one. However, this caused me to pause in surprise, then I checked out the diversity on your blog roll…it was my first visit to the site, and it did make an impression. Not 2.0. Old boy. Out of plumb.

    Don't need to see this posted, couldn't find an email link, don't have DM w/you on Twitter, not an FB friend. Moderate it out. Just wanted to raise the possibility that this might not represent you well. (then again, maybe I'm not your target audience, in which case…, per Lily Tomlin, never mind!)

    • Funny, I just started watching that show.  Or perhaps, I’m stir crazy from being in bed the last month recovering from hip surgery, but sorry if you were offended.  I DID run it past several woman friends and my girl friend and got permission for posting.  I think I found it funny because it is so far away from the reality that I and my guy friends have.  None of us have anything like this, so that was what made it funny.  Our SOs are wonderful.

      As for my blogroll – you caught me.  I’ve been totally lazy and haven’t updated that in over a year and a half.  It’s time for me to get on that. 

      As for target audience, I can’t believe anyone reads any of this, so I like all the audiences.  And as someone who grew up with Ernestine on the TV (my mom’s favorite) and also have a special place in my heart for All of Me, I would love Ms. Tomlin, (or her fans) to feel comfortable coming to my site.  Sorry if it was a bit edgy, but if you look around the rest of the articles, I think you’ll find them more in line with what I normally write about.  Thanks for the comment.