Why Wouldn’t You Want to Work for Next Big Sound?

Seriously.  They are hiring engineers.  And you know that you love music, love working in an ultra-cool environment with great folks and want to get in on the ground floor and make a real difference.

They have VC funding from Foundry Group, Alsop Louie and SoftTechVC.  They have tons of plans, too, to make a world-class product.  What’s missing?  You are. 

The only potential downside is you’ll have to listen to me at meetings, but you’ll be able to tease me about my bad hip and receding hairline.  Also, Samir, their CTO is cuddly. 

Come on Boulder, respond!  And if you aren’t from Boulder and want to live in a great place and work for a kick-butt company, let us know!  We love transplants, as we are all from elsewhere ourselves.

  • I'd like to work at a cool place like Next Big Sound and live in Boulder; but, I'm not an engineer. Is there a need for folks who understand business and have a passion for the power of web technology? Crazy I know.

    • Quite possibly but not quite yet. Stay tuned for future openings. ———————-Jason MendelsonSent from my iPhone- please forgive iTypos.

  • mertz

    you should post this on a job board in toronto or something like the workinculture (google it. it comes up right away) website where it will get a lot of following canada wide. good luck! i'm an artist, not an engineer, but it sounds like a really interesting job.

  • Scott

    Would you consider remote/tele-commuters? I have a ton of web app experience programming with php (cakePHP specifically, but can work with any MVC). Though I live in LA.

    • Don’t know.  I’ll pass along this response to the team, though.

  • Looks like a very cool company, Jason. I currently reside in Dallas and am moving back to Boulder area around late May timeframe. I'd noticed you have open community office hours and setup some brief time with you late March. I'm a sales and business development exec and very interested to understand where you may have need for business developers to drive demand, interest and sales in your set of portfolio companies. Have interesting Heidi Roizen story to share with you when we meet. Will look forward to meeting you. Tracy De Cicco

  • Kristoffer

    I specialize in business process mapping and I think I can find a spot on the company. I sent my credentials and CV to them.