Welcome to the New Mendelson’s Musings

I’m happy to report that Slice of Lime’s redesign of my blog is complete.  I’m very pleased with their efforts and invite y’all to comment.  Let me know what you think.

While the site has been redesigned, I am sorry to report that the writer’s brain (mine) has not.  So this is all style over substance, but if it works for Hollywood….

(Thanks for your continued support)

  • Orrin

    Just letting you know nice site, but there’s a spelling error. Archives isn’t spelt “archvies”. Anyhoo have a good one!

    • Thanks!———————-Jason MendelsonSent from my iPhone- please forgive iTypos.

  • Agreed that the new site looks great. Love the little Twitter widget above your photo, too. That's very cool.

  • Rich Baer

    I miss the red line through the word "lawyer". Otherwise, terrific site.

  • It looks great! It's clean, easy to navigate and the touch of your interests e.g. beer, drums, law at the top is fun. Kudos to Slice of Lime, seriously!

  • Thanks!  SoL did a great job!