NVCA Lunch With Jared Polis

Today, the NVCA hosted Jared Polis for lunch.  Jared is the Congressman for the 2nd District of Colorado. 

Why is Jared important to you, if you aren’t from his district? jared

Simple.  He’s absolutely one of the most intelligent and thoughtful elected officials in our country when it comes to issues regarding startups, innovation, education, immigration and jobs.  (And probably a lot of other subjects, too, but these are just the ones that I engage him on). 

Jared was previously a serial entrepreneur (Proflowers.com, Blue Mountain Arts) and has been a thought leader on many issues that affect our industry.  He has stood strong in the face of political pressure to change his views.  In fact, I’m am most impressed with Jared’s resolve to do the right thing for our country as a whole, although he represents one district in one state.

Jared has been a steadfast partner with the NVCA on issues such as job creation, innovation, immigration, education reform and tax policy.

Today, Jared and the invited guests talked about everything from future policy decisions to mechanics of how things really get done in Washington.  It was a great learning experience.

I’m also happy to report that the NVCA PAC contributed to Jared, as well as several of the attendees personally, including yours truly.  I’d highly recommend folks contributing to Jared, no matter how small of a donation as every bit counts.  We need more people in Congress who really understand what drives this country’s success. 

Contribute here.  (Picture, L to R.  Me, Jared, Paul Schanitter and Mark Heesen, President of the NVCA)

  • Stephen Bailey

    Since Dec 2008, Colorado has lost more than 120,000. The national employment rate has increased from 7.1% to between 9.5% and 10.0% (after excluding anyone that it is inconvenient to include, i.e., those who have "given up" looking for a job). If creating jobs is your standard and motivation, then I'm sure Polis created far more jobs (even after the dot-com bubble that inflated the value of his companies burst) as a private citizen. Therefore, logic dictates that you should be doing everything possible to get him out of Congress and back to private life!

  • The River Temoc

    Where does Rep. Polis stand on:

    1. Trade promotion authority and export promotion?
    2. Patent reform, especially first-to-file?
    3. Immigration reform?

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  • Boulderite

    Are you kidding me? This guy is horrible. He’s a trustfunder. He inherited $160 million from the $780 million sale of Blue Mountain Arts, which was ballooned and destroyed people’s lives. More than 1300 people lost their jobs because of this sale. He’s doing the same thing to our country. He’s not an entrepreneur. He was born to wealth. He didn’t start Blue Mountain Arts. His mommy and daddy did FIVE years before he was born. His parents got him into their alma mater, Princeton. He only helped balloon the price to destroy jobs for his own greed. Buy a background check on him. You’ll see most of his companies employed one (himself) to three people. He bought his seat. Read The Blueprint. He’s never worked a real job. Everything has been handed to him.