Mr. Mendelson Goes to Washington

Last week, I had the honor of testifying in front of Congress on the merits of enacting the Startup Visa.  It was a humbling experience.  I can’t remember being quite as nervous before a speaking engagement, but it all went well.  My partner in crime, Shervin Pishevar both sought bi-partisan support for the only guaranteed job creation tactic that I know.  Even better, it would cost American taxpayers absolutely nothing.

In preparation for the oral testimony, I drafted written testimony explaining why this bill must be passed, without delay and without the over politicizing that occurs any time the word “immigration” is heard in D.C.  The overall vibe on both sides of the floor seemed positive, so I’m cautiously optimistic, but then again this is Congress we are talking about.

If you are as passionate about this issue as we at Foundry Group are, get involved.  Tell your Congressperson to get engaged.

Special thanks to the NVCA, especially Emily Baker and Emily Mendell for helping Shervin and I through the process.

In case you don’t believe that I can put on a tie, above is proof.


  • Thanks for doing your part on this – it’s killing me to see talented people struggle simply to create value on their own terms. 

  • Excellent testimony and nice tie!

  • Clip-on or a regular “tie” tie?

    • Anonymous

      Regular. But single, not double windsor knot and it took me three times that morning

  • Mark Soane

    Great testimony.  Not only do we lose the foreign graduates to our competitors, even if they have paid full tuition, other alumni and US university grant monies subsidized their educations.

    There’s not sympathy in Congress for venture investors but I hope your audience also realized that there is long term benefit to having entrepreneurs and VC’s making good returns and recirculating that enthusiasm and capital back into their communities.  It can’t be just a short-term fixation on job numbers.