Apply to Techstars Cloud!

TechStars Cloud launches its inaugural program in January and the application deadline is looming. If you’re thinking about applying or just want to know more about the program, tune into the live stream coverage of TechStars for a Day on November 5th from 12:00 – 5:00 CT here. Alumni and mentors will host a question and answer session as well as divulge their own personal experience building cloud infrastructure. Recently, TechStars increased their funding for each company by $100K. With this foundation and the best mentors in the space, the three month program promises a huge delivery. Apply by November 7th to be considered.

  • These cloud/web based accelerators are a pretty interesting idea. My company numberFire was in ER Accelerator in NYC this summer, and we got a lot out of the program – a lot of value came out of the interaction with other teams and getting ideas on how to move the product forward. Are the cloud based accelerators trying to replicate that value, or are they more about giving people access to the lectures and Q&A sessions with major mentors?

    • Anonymous

      I can’t speak for all accelerators, but for Techstars the answer is definitely “both.”

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