New Colorado Meetup for “Infopreneurs”

As the knowledge economy grows, there is a new breed of information entrepreneurs or “infopreneurs” that is emerging.   The Internet is really just one big platform for creating these new information-based businesses.  And there is very little upfront investment or infrastructure needed.  Unlike any time prior in history, entrepreneurs can create multi-million dollar businesses just by packaging and selling their information online.

Although the barriers to entry are low, there are so many skills you need to learn and so much technology that it can be overwhelming.  It is hard to do alone.  My friend, Roger Glovsky, fellow lawyer and entrepreneur, just started a new meetup called “InfoCrowd” to support entrepreneurs who want to start, grow, and manage an information product business.  “Infopreneurs” include authors, speakers, publishers, coaches, consultants, and content marketers.

The InfoCrowd group will host monthly meetings, masterminds, and of course, online information. For information or to attend the inaugural meeting, go to

  • Mac

    Jason, are you defining the “infopreneur” as individuals building an online information-based business that is different than established content marketers like TechCrunch and Mashable? Or, is it the same thing but on a smaller scale? And, under this definition, could an infopreneur/content marketer be someone that curates and packages content/information that is not original? (as opposed to consultants, coaches, etc.) Thanks

    • jasonmendelson

      From Roger:

      Wikipedia defines Infopreneur as “a person whose primary business is gathering and selling electronic information. This term is a neologism portmanteau derived from the words “information” and “entrepreneur”. An infopreneur is generally considered an entrepreneur who makes money selling information on the Internet…”****
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      I agree with this definition and would suggest that it is all about marketing and selling information using the Internet. The content could be generated by the business owner (e.g., blogger or content database) or it could be aggregated from other sources and packaged (e.g., publisher, website, etc.).****

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      Curation and packaging of information is precisely what makes the content valuable. Today, there is so much information available that the value is in finding information when you need it and putting it in a form that can be easily and practically applied. This is what the infopreneur’s primary mission is. The more valuable the information, the more successful the information business.****

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