Wanted: Entrepreneur to Pitch to Me During Class

I co-teach a class at the University of Colorado Law School called “VC 360.”  We have both MBA and JD candidates and the course deals with all things in the entrepreneurial / venture ecosystem.

Each year, we have a pitch day where one entrepreneur comes in and pitches me.  The students get to watch.  The entrepreneur and I get an hour together and then the students get to ask questions for 20 minutes.

This is a real pitch.  It’s not any different than if someone comes to our offices, but there is a “studio audience.”

So if you are interested in pitching Foundry Group and want to do something great for the Boulder education community, let me know.  I can only take one.  Priority will be given to ideas that fit within the Foundry Group investment themes and are understandable by students.  Also there is a bias toward local entrepreneurs to Colorado, as I hate making folks travel to see me.

The pitch date is 10/1 at 8am in Boulder.  Either email me or leave a comment and I’ll let you know.  Thanks for the consideration.

  • Hi Jason! My name is Matthew Racz and I am a co-founder and the VP of Finance and Operations of an EdTech startup called USEED. We provide an elegant fundraising solution to higher ed institutions.

    We are based out of the East Coast, but will be in Colorado September 27th – October 8th. My team has been invited to present at a social entrepreneurship conference called The Huddle, a nice excuse for us to check out the Colorado startup scene!
    We would love the honor of pitching our concept to your class, especially since our platform could be of relevance to your students. They would also be able to provide some great insights, feedback, and opinions regarding our platform.
    Our founding team enjoys mentoring student entrepreneurs and innovators and is highly engaged in the college entrepreneurship space. We are also mentors at Lean Startup Machine events. Here are a few highlights that might intrigue you to have us pitch:
    1) We are an EdTech startup successfully doing enterprise sales to universities2) We have a social mission attached to our company: we are as focused on – and as committed to – creating high returns for shareholders as we are in creating massive social change and disruption in higher education3) We are the only startup in our space taking an internal sales approach in partnering with universities – an approach that has potential for us to become the dominant player in our industry4) We are creating a grassroots student movement to empower the next generation of student innovators5) We are preparing for our next round of financing, and this would be a perfect opportunity for us to practice our pitch!
    Happy to connect and share in more detail what we’re all about. You can reach me at: Matt@useed.co (.co not .com).

    Thanks Jason and look forward to learning more about the opportunity!


    Matt Racz

    • Hi Matt and Brian – Greetings from Sydney. Can maybe help with friends in Boulder.

      • Hey Ray – Thanks for reaching out…Pretty jealous, spent a month in Sydney for a study abroad trip last winter and have been itching to go back ever since! Feel free to get in touch at: Matt@useed.co (.co not .com). Thanks!