I'm a huge music fan. You may or may not be. Therefore, I have a separate tab for some music-focused stuff. Music is my energy and I'll trade a good album for a great meal any day. I've been playing for 34 years and that is starting to sound like a big number. I started with drums at 3 and picked up guitar, bass, keys and vocals later. I've played just about every style imaginable and have been fortunate to play with many wonderful musicians and people along the way.

This page is divided into 4 Sections:
- Current Recommendations
- Past Recommendations
- Some of my favorite musical tracks that I've played on
- Toothless Monkey Records - a record label that I'm a co-owner of

Current Recomendations - Top
Here are a few bands that I'm totally jonesing on right now. Check back every once in a while and I'll add some more thoughts.

Josh Rouse
His album 1972 is one of my current favorites.  I’m a huge 70’s music fan, in fact if I only got to pick one decade of content to listen to while on a deserted island, the 70’s would be it.  1972 is an album steeped in the 1970’s orchestrations and instrumentations, but with a decidedly current sound.  I love this album.

While listening to Pandora, I happened upon these jam cats.  Wow.  Under the Microscope is a great album  that combines rock, funk, jam, spy music and straight ahead jazz to come up with a really good mix.  Their guitar work is really technically interesting without trying too hard.  According to MySpace, they have changed their name to Redux.

Alan Parsons Project
Yeah, it ain’t new, but it might be new to you.  In fact, I went about 10 years without listening to Alan, but recently reconnected with Essential Alan Parsons Project and found the album, well, quite essential.  It’s great all these years later to analyze what goes on in these songs similar to Pink Floyd, the band that he is famous for producing. 

My Music - Top
These are some of my favorite tracks from the last 20 years of my music. Soul Patch has rocked the last 8 of it over two albums. I've also included some solo stuff that I have digitized. Once I get my tape machine up and running, I'll have some more fun adding tracks from the "very old days.":
Soul Patch - Sooner or Later (all tracks © Soul Patch 2002-2008)

Soul Patch - Summers in Rangoon (all tracks © Soul Patch 2000-2001)

Jason Mendelson Originals (all tracks © Jason Mendelson 1989-2004)

Toothless Monkey Records - Top
Say hello to Toothless Monkey Records, a small record that I co-own. I love all the artists on the label and encourage you to check them out. Yes, Soul Patch is my own band, but I actually do like it.

Past Recomendations - Top
My take: Great band. They make the ukulele cool. I'm bummed that I never knew about them when I lived in the Bay Area. They really understand the meaning of "space" in their recordings. Each instrument gets to play off the other ones and I'd love to "test drive" this band as a drummer one day.

Trombone Shorty
My take: Child prodigy and now a fully grown and talented man with a talented band. I've seen them live in Boulder and in New Orleans and their musical range, energy and chops are breathtaking. The band is so damn talented that each of them can probably play drums better than I can.

The Alternate Routes
My take: I want to sing like this guy and write lyrics that creep up on you like this. Good and Reckless and True is an album that I need to listen to the whole thing at a time. Meanwhile I find myself with some weird self-introspective teary-eyed thing going on that is part sheer joy and part devastation. Simply put this album really hits me.