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Crash Course on Venture Capital

Last night, I was a guest of the Silicon Flatirons to present a "crash course" on venture capital.  Basically, it was a no holds barred town hall-type conversation where I led off with a brief presentation and then opened it up to the 200 or so attendees to ask questions.  I encouraged the audience to ask anything they wanted about venture capital, getting funded and "secrets" of the VC ecosystem.

The event was videotaped and hopefully soon, I’ll be able to post it on this blog.  Until then, here was the presentation that I gave. 

I enjoyed immensely hanging out with a lot of smart people interested in venture capital.  Thanks to all who attended.

February 25th, 2009     Categories: Education, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital    
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    I wondered in the present climate if there are still VC deals going on, do you have to change your approach from when this was shot?

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