• http://sinu.com Larry Velez

    We are convinced that the billable hour is dead in IT and it makes sense that businesses and people start looking at the other services, including legal, which they consume the same way they look at their cell phone bill – a monthly recurring fixed fee with unlimited hours.

  • Sylvia

    Check out Legal OnRamp ( http://www.legalonramp.com ), a professional social network for attorneys and inhouse legal departments.

  • Ilana Sorokin

    Check out Outside Counsel Solutions at http://outsidecounsel.net/about.aspx. Their US attorneys provide top-quality legal counsel to clients all over the USA, from offices in New York and Jerusalem, at highly discounted rates.

  • http://aalawfirm.com Andy Arnold

    Based upon this post, just bought The End of Lawyers? (Hope it has some application to a plaintiff's practice.) I am trying to figure out ways to use technology for the benefit of not only my clients and prospective clients. I understand the benefit of blogs and social media, but how to really leveraging technology to change the equation is something I hope your blog and Susskind's book can help me address.

  • http://ccwalters.com Chris Walters

    Great article, here is an example of a progressive computer forensics and e-discovery firm, Stroz Friendberg, LLC. They utilize very competent technology focused attorneys who would traditionally work for a large law firm but choose to utilize their skills by consulting. strozfriedberg.com

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  • http://www.ustiffanyshop.com tiffany

    They utilize very competent technology focused attorneys who would traditionally work for a large law firm but choose to utilize their skills by consulting. strozfriedberg.com

  • http://www.GreatLegalMarketing.co.uk Boyd Butler

    Billable hours will disappear for entrepreneurial lawyers.


    Because you can only work 40 hours a week.

    Which means you are limited in terms of productivity.

    Plus, you are limited because you are not leveraging true value.

    I.e what value you are delivering to the client which may be much
    more than the billable hour.

    Subscriptions will flourish. Because knowing what you are paying out
    each month makes it easy to budget. And knowing what you
    are getting in each month makes it easy to manage.

    Virtual law firms, where unhappy, experienced lawyers work
    on a retainer/commission structure will bloom. Lower overheads
    for the controlling company and more flexibility both sides.

    Technology is what prospects/clients want to get in touch.

    Why traipse into expensive real estate offices of a law firm
    when you can just as well skype from home/office.

    Firms will continue to discover niche areas and work faster and flexibly
    on smaller scales. These individuals or firms will not be restricted by
    geography, but more their expert status and how well known they are.

    La firms that survive and thrive will be those who learn how to become
    Great Legal Marketing firms because technical quality is expected yet
    Service quality is what is most in demand.

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