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The Next Foundry Video

It’s so tantalizing close that I can barely stand it…

Imagine hairy legs with high heels, an epic fight at the grocery store parking lot and lots and lots of cheese dip.  And this is only the beginning.  See you in a couple of weeks.

September 27th, 2013     Categories: Just For Fun    

My “First” Rock and Roll Video (a.k.a “Come to VentureScape 2013!)

For those of you who know me, I have always loved being a musician.  For a while, I thought that I would make my living as a drummer, but the world conspired against me.  That being said, I couldn’t be grateful enough that I ended up as a venture capitalist.

Last year, I spearheaded the Foundry Group “I’m a VC” Video.  It was as ton of fun and I’m certainly proud of it, but musically it’s a parody song and I don’t have the same emotional attachment that I do with the real music that I create, especially those songs that I co-write with my business partner Ryan McIntyre for our band Legitimate Front.

Completely separately, I’m on the Executive board of the National Venture Capital Association, where I’m the Chairperson of the 2013 annual meeting, now called VentureScape 2013.  (Plug:  Sign up for the event!).  When I was drafted to come up with a different format than past years I knew that I wanted “fun” to be part of the event.

We decided to throw a huge party the night before the main event and thanks to Silicon Valley Bank, we are going to have a great event that revolves around….. wait for it….  MUSIC!  For the first time ever VCs are going to get together with their favorite folks and listen to world class music headlined by Pat Monahan of Train fame!

As part of the new format of the event (it’s not just the party, either, check out the agenda!), Emily Mendell, V.P. of Communications at NVCA created some great videos to promote the event.  Today’s video:  VC Rockstar Dreams and it features the music of Legitimate Front!  I love that Ray Rothrock and Marc Cadieux, both of whom will be performing as well, were in the video as well.

This is probably the closest that I’ll ever come to making a real video of my music, but it was a wonderful experience.  Check it out for yourself below.  And oh, yeah…. Come to the event, May 14th at the Great American Music Hall!

Notes:  Yes, that is really me lying on the street outside in San Francisco.  And yes, I was told that a person once died in the exact spot that I “performed” in.  All for the love of art.  Special thanks to Long Haul Films for a GREAT job.


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Techstars Network Meet Xtranormal

Today, it was announced that Techstars has raised a fund to provide $100,000 to each of its startups.  This is awesome news for both participants in the program as well as the Techstars Network, in general.

As a complete non sequitur, I had a lot of fun last year making an Xtranormal Video that portrayed my good friend and partner Brad Feld as nothing more than a huckster for his book, Do More Faster. Coming off of that, I was inspired to make a video of my own, I’m a VC which proves that I’m nothing more than a huckster for my (and Brad’s) book Venture Deals, Be Smarter than your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist.

So what do these two seemingly unconnected stories have in common?  Simple, I like to have fun with videos and figured it was time to turn my sights on Techstars.  So here is my Xtranormal “homage” to the Techstars Network.  Congrats guys!

Techstars Network
by: mendelja

September 21st, 2011     Categories: Just For Fun, TechStars    

Even Conan O’Brien Loves Our Portfolio Company Brightleaf

I thought I had seen about every possible way that a startup could market itself.  Until now.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present you Brightleaf’s marketing “materials” for their launch at LegalTech in New York this week.  (In all seriousness, they are doing a great job with their automated document platform and more instructive videos about what they are doing can be seen here.)


January 31st, 2011     Categories: Foundry Group Investments, Just For Fun, Law Firm 2.0    

Perhaps the Most Unexplainable Video of All Time

What do Jason Alexander, Darryl Hanna, Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk), Pamela Anderson, Dolph Lundgren, Roger Moore and Milli Vanilli have in common?

Well they are all in this unexplainable Norwegian television commercial lip synching to the most god-awful version of the Beatles “Let It Be” ever.

I guess for Milli Vanilli the lip synching is a core competancy, but who new that Glenn Close, George Wendt, Ricki Lake and Phillip Michael Thomas (Tubbs from Miami Vice) need money so badly.

The best description of this video – it’s like watching a slow-motion train wreck.  You can’t stop watching and there are too many things to make fun of.  I double dog dare you to come up with a complete list of funny.

Did I mention that Tanya Harding is in this, too?  Stunning.

December 3rd, 2010     Categories: Just For Fun    

DuckDuck Deal Is Not Groupon or Foursquare

Local startup Duck Duck Deal has jumped on the xtranomal  bandwagon and produced two funny videos that explains why they aren’t Groupon or Foursquare.  They are a cool company and now have cool promo videos.  See below.


October 28th, 2010     Categories: Just For Fun    

So You Want to Go to Law School?

As if there wasn’t enough bad mojo for those considering going to law school, now this.  But I had to post.  It’s just so darn funny.

October 21st, 2010     Categories: Just For Fun, Law    

Winery Peak – Review of 1st Novel by Chris Scott Graham

Dechert LLP litigation partner Chris Scott Graham recently released his first full-length novel.  It’s not easy as a partner to find time for hobbies, but Chris has evidently not only found the time, but found a real natural talent as well.

The story surrounds Winery Peak, a fictitious winery in Napa that unfortunately finds several of its migrant workers taking sick from toxins found in a nearby creek.  What happens from there is a story of intrigue, as the corporate parent of Winery Peak tries to pin the blame on a fall guy, Peter Dickinson who is a world-renown wine maker and head of winery.  Junior associate Richard Magnus takes the case of Peter to protect both his honor and his liberties without his client really understanding that he’s never taken a case to trial before.  And behind all of this is a shadowy corporate parent organization that pulls at the strings of all the different characters.

I really liked the novel and found the courtroom aspects really interesting.  I learned some things about litigation that I’ve never known, but you don’t need to be a lawyer to appreciate it.  It’s just a good ole fashioned mystery.

Frankly, I was somewhat surprised of the quality of the novel, not anything against Chris, but I know that he is an extremely busy attorney.  This isn’t a case of a guy having a slow practice and having a lot of time on his hands.  On the contrary, one of my  favorite litigation experiences of all time (if there can be such a thing) was a case where not only did Chris get us out of the case under summary judgment, but got the court to award 100% of our legal fees.  It was a really complicated case, too. 

Congratulations Chris on a fine first outing.  I’d encourage folks to buy the novel and support this burgeoning artist.

July 8th, 2010     Categories: Just For Fun, Law    

I’m With Coco (and why Reggie Watts will be very famous)

I have been in Boston this weekend hanging out with friends following a few days of board meetings, Techstars demo night (which rocked) and a day visiting with our investors.  I figured that I’d tack on a long weekend and explore a town that I visit often, but rarely go out and “play” in.  photo

Yesterday we took in the Conan O’Brien Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on TV Tour.  We’d seen the show in Boulder and it was fabulous.  We were fortunate enough to have a hookup in Boston that allowed us special access and we got to watch the band practice and hang a bit with the man himself, who was an incredibly gracious host.  I think my favorite part of the show was watching his parent’s faces as they watched the show, especially during the part where Conan riffs and sings about his “rough upbringing.”  (hint: they laughed a lot). 

Conan’s opening act is Reggie Watts and his opening show was about 50% different from the Boulder show which was really impressive and showed how large his repertoire really is.

Reggie does everything from classic standup, to music, to hip hop and has a burgeoning “hit” in a song that has more profanity than anything I’ve ever heard, but it’s really hilarious and smartly done.  In fact, I think Reggie is one of the most original talents that I’ve seen in a long time.  photo

After the show, Reggie (who speaks in about a half dozen different voices and dialects during his show) was one of the nicest, more grounded and normal performers you’d ever want to meet.  He also said look out for his Comedy Central pilot show, which I’ll definitely check out.

Reggie also has a very unique hair stylist.  See to the right.

Good night by all.  Some pics:

photo  photo

June 5th, 2010     Categories: Just For Fun    

The Worst Song Ever (or why Notre Dame stinks)

Alright, I know I’m going to get flamed on this one, but as a Michigan Wolverine, I can’t resist. 

Today, a friend of mine sent me the video below entitled “We are Notre Dame.”  It’s the worst song that I’ve heard.  Period.  The video isn’t any better and the fact the school endorsed it by allowing them to shoot on campus and utilize the cheerleading squad makes it all the better.  If I looked this dumb playing bass, I’d never play music again. 

My friend Mark Johnson must be rolling over right now.  And just so you know, I have plenty of ND friends, so this is all in good fun.  But I stand by this being the worst song ever.

In case you are curious what the second worst song ever is, it’s the Nixon Peabody theme song.  And the story of the law firm trying to shut off their embarrassment is even funnier.

May 3rd, 2010     Categories: Just For Fun, Music