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Colorado Is Now #4 Ranked Destination for Early-Stage Venture Capital Investment

One of the cool perks of being on the National Venture Capital Association board of directors is that I get to see lots of interesting data on the venture capital industry.  The research staff, along with PriceWaterhouseCoopers  are constantly looking at trends and data that provide unique and useful insights into the ecosystem and publish under the MoneyTree brand.

Today, however, I got wind of some new MoneyTree data that pulled at my heart strings unlike any data that I had seen before.  In fact, I was all of astonished, proud, humbled and inspired.  The news?  In 2011, Colorado ranked 4th in the country behind California, Massachusetts and New York for seed/early stage dollars invested into startup companies in the state.  The state has grown in leaps and bounds with 63 firms investing $290 million into 41 companies in 2011 compared to 2006 when 41 firms invested $89 million into 32 startups.

Wow.  I knew that Colorado was kicking tail, but this was really amazing news.  It backs up what I’ve been telling people for a long time:  Colorado is a top five destination for VC investment and I think it’s only getting stronger.

So why is our nearly average populated state so decidedly above average when it comes to starting companies?  It’s combination of many things (great universities, Techstars, lots of engineers, well educated people, great mentors and active community leaders), but one thing really stands out:  our entrepreneurs.

I think Colorado is breeding and attracting a type of entrepreneur that is unique to venture investing.  While driven, smart and motivated as all entrepreneurs are, the Colorado population seem to always be acutely aware of their local communities and always make sure to give back and pay forward to future generations of company starters.  Its you folks, who are creating the amazing companies that investors are interested in.  So much so that we are now the fourth most popular destination for early-stage investing.

So congratulations Colorado.  Congratulations to all of the entrepreneurs who are creating great companies and great jobs while never forgetting about their communities.  I’m proud to be a small part in your collective worlds.


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Apply to Techstars Cloud!

TechStars Cloud launches its inaugural program in January and the application deadline is looming. If you’re thinking about applying or just want to know more about the program, tune into the live stream coverage of TechStars for a Day on November 5th from 12:00 – 5:00 CT here. Alumni and mentors will host a question and answer session as well as divulge their own personal experience building cloud infrastructure. Recently, TechStars increased their funding for each company by $100K. With this foundation and the best mentors in the space, the three month program promises a huge delivery. Apply by November 7th to be considered.

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Techstars Network Meet Xtranormal

Today, it was announced that Techstars has raised a fund to provide $100,000 to each of its startups.  This is awesome news for both participants in the program as well as the Techstars Network, in general.

As a complete non sequitur, I had a lot of fun last year making an Xtranormal Video that portrayed my good friend and partner Brad Feld as nothing more than a huckster for his book, Do More Faster. Coming off of that, I was inspired to make a video of my own, I’m a VC which proves that I’m nothing more than a huckster for my (and Brad’s) book Venture Deals, Be Smarter than your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist.

So what do these two seemingly unconnected stories have in common?  Simple, I like to have fun with videos and figured it was time to turn my sights on Techstars.  So here is my Xtranormal “homage” to the Techstars Network.  Congrats guys!

Techstars Network
by: mendelja

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Boulder’s First FounderMatch Event

One of the questions that I’m asked the most is “how do I find a business partner in Boulder?”  I always liken it to dating – it’s really not that much different.  Thanks to the hard work of Tracy DeCicco, we now have a founder matching event in Boulder. Here are the details:

Come Meet Your Match at the first-ever FounderMatch event!

The event will be held on Wed., Nov. 3, from 6-9pm, at the TechStars Bunker in Boulder.

· Do you have an idea but need a partner(s) to help get it off the ground?

· Do you have a strong desire to form a startup but don’t necessarily have an idea?

· Do you want to hear awesome startup ideas and brainstorm with like-minded people?

If you answered yes to any of the above, check out the first FounderMatch event.  Signup is through our partner site,

To signup, go to STARTUPSQUARE.COM/foundermatch


We’ll need to understand your skills and interest areas to help you meet your match!

Space is limited so SIGNUP NOW to get in on the action!  Attendees will be selected to ensure balanced mix of people.

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TechStars TV Bloopers

As with any good series, there are always good outtakes.  The TechStars Founders video series is no exception, either.  And yes, I do look like an idiot. 

Check it out. 

The Founders | Bloopers from Megan Leigh Sweeney on Vimeo.

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New Techtars TV – And a Great "Set up"

The latest TechStars TV is out.  Not to be missed is David Cohen setting up the Everlater guys.  He completely convinced them that some cute girls thought that Nate and Natty were "rock stars."  Nice work, David, but I hear paybacks are a bitch.

As a P.S., check out Everlater’s launched site.

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Techstars TV episode 5

Episode 5 is live featuring yours truly, but even better Soul Patch as part of the soundtrack!

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Techstars – Week 1

If you are curious about hat’s up during the first week of Techstars, here is a great video following three of the teams.  This year, there will be a video chronicling the entire journey of the Boulder version of the program. 

The teams featured are The Next Big Sound, Everlater and ReTel and their founders Alex White, David Hoffman, Samir Rayani, Natty Zola, Nate Abbott, Adam Rodnitzky, Scott Roberts and George Aspland.  Coincidentally, the first two teams are teams that I’m mentoring this summer. (That probably means that I should get a haircut as I’ll be in future segments).   Enjoy. 

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Big News From App-X

Last year, one of the TechStars companies that I mentored was App-X.  They are a great team developing great products for private equity firms and their investors.

They’ve done a great job of building a robust software offering on the Salesforce platform and today announced a major release:  their Alternative Investment Management (AIM) solution is now available on the AppExchange

From their press release:

AIM centralizes institutional knowledge related to investment due diligence, portfolio management and fundraising activities, addressing the emerging transparency and regulatory issues facing this industry. In addition, AIM provides operational efficiencies around Limited Partner communications deal sourcing, portfolio management and general contact and activity management.

I’m really happy for them, as they’ve been working hard on this to support their always expanding roster of top-tiered clients.  Congrats!

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David Cohen Announces New Seed Fund

Today is a good day for entrepreneurs seeking seed funding for their venture, because David has announced the creation of his new seed fund.

I’ve gotten to know David through my involvement in TechStars and besides money, David provides a wealth of experience and most importantly the wealth of being a good human being.

I’m really excited to be an investor in the fund and really looking forward to seeing him succeed and fund some great startups.

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