Are Covers Evil?

I’ve gone back and forth on whether cover versions of songs are evil.  Early on in my musical career, I was self-righteous and a self-proclaimed music snob and thought that any band that did a cover sucked and sold out.

However, later in life, I’ve really come to enjoy well done covers.  Great compositions redone by great musicians really can be additive.  Some things that I’m really digging right now:

1.  Coverville: This is a great podcast that Brad turned me onto.  I’ve really enjoyed the quality that Brian Ibbott has put together here.

2.  The Wrecking:  These guys have an awesome version of Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes.  I might even like it better than the original.

3.  Richard Cheese:  If you haven’t listened to Richard and his Lounge Against the Machine cover band, it’s absolutely hilarious.  Home page has a great cover of Baby got Back among others.

So, I was on a good "cover mojo" feeling and then two things happened in the last 24 hours that have tweaked my world view.  First, I heard the worst cover of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition by a band on the Pearl Street mall here in Boulder.  I’ve covered this song in the past and while I am no S. Wonder, I think we pulled it off admirably.  This sound like a Bar Mitzvah band.

Then today, my friend Julie Penner sends me an article about  Jay-Z covering Oasis’ Wonderland.  Kill me.  Kill me now.  Video below.