Restaurant Review: Cut – Beverly Hills

Along with venture capital, music and stirring up some occasional controversy, I also have a passion for food.  

Born and raised outside Detroit, I can’t honestly say that I was brought up a "Foodie," but I certainly can’t complain about mom’s cooking.  The ten years that I spent in San Francisco Bay area definitely honed my culinary acumen.  To which I decided to start posting some review on restaurants I hit in my travels.

Last night, I had the pleasure of dining with Mike Steinberg at Cut in Beverly Hills.  It’s part of the Wolfgang Puck empire and normally I’d be a bit suspicious.  My previous Wolfgang Puck experiences included the awful Spago in Palo Alto, CA (thankfully now deceased) and the wretched Wolfgang Puck Grill in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  Plus, despite my proclivity to watch Iron Chef, I have general negative connotations about celebrity chefs.

Well Cut changed all that.  Wow, what a great meal.  It’s a steakhouse, but might be the best one that I’ve been to.  They bring out the beef to the table and show you raw, what you are about to eat.  Mike and I split a wonderful and highly tastes Blue Fin Tuna Tartare and then at Mike’s suggestion ordered the Butter Lettuce Salad. 

Butter lettuce salad you ask?  How boring?  Uh, no.  It was perhaps the best dressing that I’ve had on a salad (champagne herb vinaigrette, if you must know).

Next came the big boy toys – the meat.  We decide to go Kobe beef, one American from Snake River Farms in Idaho and one a true Japanese imported steak from Kyushu.

I’m a huge Kobe fan and was shocked when both Mike and I preferred the American version over the Japanese version, although both were superlative.

With any great steak, a nice Cab is in order and we did ourselves proud with a 2005 Ghost Block.  Yummy.

Dessert was the cheese plate, which was wonderful and some crazy banana thing that I shouldn’t have ordered as I was full.

Service was wonderful, too.  Friendly, not stuffy and very competent.  I’m sold.  If you can get in, go for it.