Going Back To School

This past weekend, I went back to Ann Arbor, Mi to attend my 10th law school reunion.  Normally, I get hives when I’m around too many lawyers, but it was a fun event and reconnecting with old friends was pleasant.  

There were three big takeaways from the weekend:

1.  Ten years out, it was surprising how few of my former classmates stayed at their big firm jobs out of school.  (hmmm, maybe my theories of what ails the legal profession are true…);

2.  Going to a University of Michigan football game is still one of the best ways to spend a Saturday that I can think of (even if my Wolverines stunk up the joint and lost 45-20 to Illinois); and

3.  Despite everyone saying that we don’t look any different than we did 10 years ago, those are just self serving statements.  It doesn’t mean that many of us don’t still look good, rather ten years is really ten years.  I, for one, am definitely worse for wear. 

For those of you interested, I present a photographic journal of the football experience and some reunion pictures as well for those of you unable to attend.


– Everyone needs a good tailgate.  This fine gentleman gave us each a hotdog as we walked up the street.  Thanks random grill dude!


Everyone also needs a two floor beer bong.  Yippie!


And the stadium avec le marching band

IMG00034 photo


Dave Davis, me and Drew Worseck.  This was before the football team decided defense was optional.


Me "reunited" with my law school house


David Bouman, Tanya and Paul Hunter and Dave and (committeewoman) Lynne Davis


Matt Drake, "Mr. Classy" pouring generic whisky into a bottle of coke to "tune up" prior to the game.  In hindsight, maybe he was the smart one.


The law school


We’ll see y’all in another 5 to 10 (sounds like a prison sentence).  Thanks to Carrie Newton and Jeff King for setting this all up us.