Stupid Bailout of the Week

Last week, I posted about the porn industry’s proposed bailout and received many interesting comments.  (Thanks).

One comment, from a regular and appreciated reader was particularly interesting, so I had to post a new blog.

A San Francisco restaurant has received its second bailout in the last 4 months from the city of San Francisco.

Yoshi’s just received another $1.5m loan from the city after at $1.3m loan last September, this all following an original $4.4m from the city to start the restaurant.


The city of San Francisco must be rolling in dough to provide this type of support.  Having lived in the Bay Area for 10 years prior to Boulder, I’ll provide the opinion that it doesn’t have the funds to do things like this.

It’s not that I’m biased, despite the fact that the restaurant wasn’t very good and that the staff were terribly rude on my last visit.

It’s just sickening to think of what other good uses this money could go to in a time like this.