The End of Teaching – for now…

Today, I will give my last lecture at the University of Colorado. I’ve been co-teaching a class on venture capital for the past two years and it’s been a great experience.

I have always thought that one day, after I retire, I’d like to spend my time teaching at a university.  I taught drums while in high school and economics while in undergrad and some of my favorite intellectual moments have been while answering some well-thought question from a student. 

Teaching at the University of Colorado did not disappoint.  The students were inquisitive, intellectually honest and demanded that I arrived at class 100% prepared each day, otherwise their curiosity would expose my poor preparation.  I learned a lot about my own industry reading the academic works and thinking deeply about policies that affect venture capital – something that will be well used as I get ready to join the board of the National Venture Capital Association.

Thanks to all who put up with my diatribes, F-bombs, disorganization and occasional insults.  I had a great time and felt honored to come to the class every day.  While I don’t plan on retiring from venture capital any time soon, I do look forward to teaching again some day.

Thanks all.