Dating Deal Flow

Off my recent post about where VCs find their portfolio companies, one reader (Valto Loikkanen) sent me the following:

"Knowing you like to compare startup/vc relationship/meeting to ‘dating’ etc. I just had to try and put these divisions to those terms, but did not want to put this public in your post šŸ™‚

Dating Deal Flow:

1. Personal Networks; -> Friend and family;

2. Repeat Entrepreneurs; -> ex girlfriends;

3. Other VCs; – > roommates;

4. Email / Blog / Cold Calls; -> Email / Blog / Social Networks / Pick up lines;

5. Professional Service Providers; and – > Bartenders; and

6. Venture Shows / Trade Shows. – > Bars, clubs etc.

So how would you put the % :)"

First off, I do compare the VC / Entrepreneur dance to dating.  If you aren’t excited up front and really looking forward to the next interaction, that should be a sign to skip the opportunity right there.

As for how my dating "deal flow" stacks up versus my VC deal flow, let’s just say that "Repeat Entrepreneurs" are irrelevant and that Trade Shows are no longer 0%.  I plead the 5th on the rest of the question.