Boulder Open Coffee Club – “All Grown Up”

Days like today make me really proud of our community.  Today, over 50 people showed up to the Boulder Open Coffee Club.  As always there was a lively conversation with a lot of diverse viewpoints.  Topics included everything from privacy (Facebook, Google, electronic medical records), to blogger versus journalist rights (see Gizmodo scandal), to how to scale what is so special about Boulder (no consensus, thoughts welcome). photo

The BOCC is all grown up from 3 years ago when it was 8 of us in a small coffee shop in Boulder.  Now, we burst at the seems at our newest home, Atlas Purveyors

Bottom line, is that I’ve never seen such an engaged, smart, passionate and honest group of people get together every two weeks and talk about interesting things.  I always leave the event much more energized than I started.

More than anything, it just goes to show what a special place Boulder is and why a supportive community like this is so integral to success of our companies.  It’s no wonder why Business Week called Boulder the Best Town for Startups in America. 

As we continue to expand our membership, it’s nice to remember, also those who made the BOCC what it is today and what it will be tomorrow.  Thanks everyone.