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It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my beer reviews.  It’s not that I haven’t been trying out a few new offerings, rather I am behind on getting reviews written due to pesky things like work.  photo

I’m really excited about today’s review, however, because these are the first home brews that I’ve tried in a while and as you’ll tell from the review, I loved them.  Tsan Abrahamson, not only one of the most gifted trademark, IP and licensing lawyers out there, a former professional chef, but also a really nice person, sent me a quartet of her beer making prowess.  I sampled the first two of them yesterday with Ryan

First thing you notice are the great names, which I guess should be expected from someone who deals with branding on a daily basis.  “Wit She-Devil” – a Belgian Wit styled beer with lemons and oranges and one of the better beer names ever: “Keep Hop Alive” IPA. 

Wit She-Devil Review:  Ryan’s favorite of the two.  The orange and lemon are perfectly balanced and it’s nice to see a beer that can achieve this.  Usually, I get either one or the other, or an imbalance between the two.  Great nose of fruit zest and there was copious amount of debate whether coriander was present as well.  There was something similar to the Zinnebir that I tasted previously in both quality and accessibility. 

Mendelson Rating: 8/10.

Keep Hop Alive Review:  This one was my favorite.  I was pleasantly surprised that a home brew could have such wonderful hops, but this one did.  Ryan wanted even more hops, especially later in the brewing process, but I’m happy with the balance and the lack of bitterness that some IPAs get.  My only “ask” would be a bit heavier on the nose, but it was a smooth and effective IPA in my opinion. 

Mendelson Rating:  8/10.

Now of course, the big issue is that none of you can purchase these fine brews at your local market.  But if you know Tsan, or you hire her as your attorney, perhaps you, too, will find a gift box arriving at your door one day.