Perhaps the Most Unexplainable Video of All Time

What do Jason Alexander, Darryl Hanna, Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk), Pamela Anderson, Dolph Lundgren, Roger Moore and Milli Vanilli have in common?

Well they are all in this unexplainable Norwegian television commercial lip synching to the most god-awful version of the Beatles “Let It Be” ever.

I guess for Milli Vanilli the lip synching is a core competancy, but who new that Glenn Close, George Wendt, Ricki Lake and Phillip Michael Thomas (Tubbs from Miami Vice) need money so badly.

The best description of this video – it’s like watching a slow-motion train wreck.  You can’t stop watching and there are too many things to make fun of.  I double dog dare you to come up with a complete list of funny.

Did I mention that Tanya Harding is in this, too?  Stunning.