I’m a VC – My First Foray Into Film Making

Last May, I got an idea stuck in my head that I should create a music video to promote the release of Venture Deals:  Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist, written by yours truly and my partner Brad Feld.  It was a germination of a conversation that I had with Emily Mendell (VP of Communication at the NVCA and great blogger at MothersofBrothers.com).  Emily is a great PR person and threw out an idea that the Foundry Group could actually pull off a music video, in the SNL Digital Short genre, to highlight the book and have a ton of fun in the process.Having very little logical sense and a severely limited good judgment filter, I immediately jumped on what I thought was a great idea and thus “I’m a VC” was born.

For those of you who know me, I can get a bit (a lot?) manic when I get excited about  something.  I stayed up most of the first night writing the song and story boarding the potential video.  I woke up the next day, exhausted, but pleased with my first efforts.  I had never written any music in this genre before (cheesy 80’s boy band) and certainly have never made anything with video, but I felt confident.

First I emailed by partner in business and music Ryan McIntyre, who immediately told me it was a dumb idea and that he generally hated parodies.  Awesome.  My project was starting off perfectly.

Undaunted, I brought the lyrics and story idea to our regular Monday partner lunch and after a beer, I found a receptive audience, including Mr. McIntyre.  I was given a green light to proceed and the rest is history.

We issued a fake press release along with the video that I find funny, especially the quotes from my partner Seth Levine about his insecurities as a venture capitalist.

So without further delay, I present to you “I’m a VC.”  Please share with everyone you know if you like it.  Also, don’t forget to buy our book!

And just in case, here are the lyrics thanks to Ryan.