Techstars Network Meet Xtranormal

Today, it was announced that Techstars has raised a fund to provide $100,000 to each of its startups.  This is awesome news for both participants in the program as well as the Techstars Network, in general.

As a complete non sequitur, I had a lot of fun last year making an Xtranormal Video that portrayed my good friend and partner Brad Feld as nothing more than a huckster for his book, Do More Faster. Coming off of that, I was inspired to make a video of my own, I’m a VC which proves that I’m nothing more than a huckster for my (and Brad’s) book Venture Deals, Be Smarter than your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist.

So what do these two seemingly unconnected stories have in common?  Simple, I like to have fun with videos and figured it was time to turn my sights on Techstars.  So here is my Xtranormal “homage” to the Techstars Network.  Congrats guys!

Techstars Network
by: mendelja