Wanted – Colorado-based Entrepreneur to Pitch My Me at Class

I co-teach a class at the University of Colorado Law School called “VC 360.”  We have MBA, Engineering and JD candidates and the course deals with all things in the entrepreneurial / venture ecosystem.

Each year, we have a pitch day where one entrepreneur comes in and pitches me.  The students get to watch.  The entrepreneur and I get an hour together and then the students get to ask questions for 20 minutes.

This is a real pitch.  It’s not any different than if someone comes to our offices, but there is a “studio audience.”

So if you are interested in pitching Foundry Group and want to do something great for the Boulder education community, let me know.  I can only take one.

The pitch date is 10/7 at 8am in Boulder.

  • Nawar Alsafar

    I’ll pitch our seed stage post-techstars company. I’ll keep it a conversation or go through the deck. Nawar@augur.io

    • jasonmendelson

      Send me an exec summary to jason at foundrygroup.com and I’ll take a look!

  • rockinjay

    Jason, are you willing to bring the class to a the garden center in North Boulder?

    http://www.ilovetogrow.com/photo/albums/cool-nodes-cool-control-over-your-world 4715 N.Broadway (easily accessible on the Skip bus)

    We have a brand new wireless 802. product that is of our own design for outside usage automating the garden center. We were able to fill their needs in areas of water conservation and energy conservation. We would be honored in the event that we could reveal to all of you, our technology. Cool Nodes(TM), as you will see, the prototype system is very cool.

    The system is 11 months into a design that utilizes different sensors and helps to switch on and off electrical circuits up to 1500 watts, from a distance of 500 ft. or better.

    The nodes are controlled from the screen of a laptop and can be used worldwide for many different applications in automation, independent of wifi.

    You will learn more on my LinkedIn profile and view pics and videos of the system:


    • jasonmendelson

      Thanks, but with a class of 80 the logistics are just too difficult. Thanks, though.

      • Jason, I’m honored you’re appreciative of my invitation. I’m also dead serious about a very cool prototype I’d like you to play with. If you have not yet booked the presentation for the class in the classroom, could I have a moment with you?

        • jasonmendelson

          This doesn’t look like something that we would invest in, but feel free to send me an email with an exec summary and I’ll take a look.