It’s Time To Vote

I recently met Andrew Shoemaker who is running for City Council.  He impressed me in his understanding of the issues related to our startup community, but also his larger vision of the city.  While I don’t normally get involved in local politics, I decided I would vote for him.

Now, how about that Vote?

Oh yeah, it’s an off year election here in Boulder, Colorado and if history is our guide, surprisingly few of you are paying attention to the election and the candidates.

Be honest, how many of the City Council candidates can you name? How many of the ballot items? Have you decided who you support?

Ironically, your vote may be more impactful in off year City Council elections than in large presidential elections.

But life is good here in Boulder and we have busy lives, so why do we care?

We care because City Council influences our local lives outside of the office (like open space access) and makes decisions that impact businesses as well.  We are talking about support for new businesses and jobs, office space and open space, livability and housing – you name it.

Other cities are competing with us for the types of business cultivated here, the types of creative co-workers we want, and the brand that Boulder has built. Candidates like Andrew understand that Boulder should take measures to encourage innovation and entrepreneurial activity in Boulder, support Boulder’s brand and attract continued investment and creative workers to Boulder.  Andrew started his own law firm, leaving the larger firm life and knows what it takes to create jobs, as well.

In general, I feel that Boulder City Council is out of touch with what Boulder has become and Andrew is one of the few people that really understand this.

Now is a good time to recognize that in addition to being an important part of our community, we also have something important to say in support of Boulder’s future.

What should you do?

Look for your ballot in the mail (this is a mail-only ballot election). Educate yourself on the ballot issues and the candidates and vote by returning you mail ballot. These candidates influence Boulder’s future so you should influence which candidates win.

Please vote and consider supporting candidates — like Andrew Shoemaker — who understand our issues and support our innovation culture in Boulder.

This is worth taking time out of your day and making your voice heard.