Techstars Boulder Rocks

Every year, I mentor a company from the Techstars Boulder class.  It’s been a great journey, because of that we’ve invested in great companies like Next Big Sound and PivotDesk.  Those two companies represented radically different ends of the startup spectrum.  NextBigSound was still finishing up college when they started Techstars, in fact, they were flying back and forth to take finals during the program.

PivotDesk on the other hand was founded by a Techstars Mentor, an experienced entrepreneur who understood the inherent value in acceleration of the program and the network and community it provides.

Foundry invested in both of those companies because I had the chance to mentor them during the program and I saw what they were capable of doing.

I’m excited to jump into a new company this summer – will it be yours?  The deadline to apply to Techstars Boulder is this Sunday, May 4th. Apply now.

  • And whereas I know you didn’t fund us (Foundry didn’t exist yet), I’ll always remember the first day of you mentoring the Socialthing team and telling us that you hated our idea. It was love at first fight.

    • jasonmendelson

      That was, indeed, a special day. Good memories.

  • And don’t forget Revolv and

  • Michelle Grenowich

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